Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Vaccines: Lilah’s Story

Shared from her mother, Lakynn Jones.

“Lilah Jean Burcham, our beautiful daughter. She was born on October 3rd, 2019.

She had a heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). She had an open heart surgery at 5 days old, and was recovering remarkably.

Fast forward to November 13th, we came home with her. And that’s when we started our appointments at Marshall Pediatrics in Huntington WV, which was inside of a hospital, Cabell Huntington Hospital. We went for weekly appointments, for echos, ekgs and weigh checks.

On December 5th, (2 months old) her pediatrician said it was time for her shots… We figured in our minds that the pediatrician thought it was find and she looked great so why not. She received 3 vaccines, and one orally. The pediatrician assured us she’d be okay. Maybe fussy and irritable for a day or so, but she’d be okay.

December 8th, I noticed she wasn’t her normal self. Lilah was NEVER a fussy baby. I called Cincinnati children’s hospital and asked them for their opinion, they said take her immediately and they’d try to get her flown there..

On the way to Cabell about 3 blocks away, she went unresponsive in her car seat.. I pulled her out of her seat and started mouth to mouth, rubbing her chest. Anything! I started to go blank because I was in shock!!!!

We got in the er, the nurses took over, they got her back, then she coded for the final time. The did full hand compressions on her it cracked her sternum open again and her chest was bleeding..

When they told us the news I told a nurse, she got shots 3 days ago!!!! And they just looked at me with, the look like they knew..

Nobody ever mentioned an autopsy and me and Lilah’s daddy Kyle were so in shock and was holding her for those last moments, I wish we would’ve gotten one..

I know vaccines killed my babygirl..