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Sticky Notes - Vaccine Doses - (50 sheets)

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Help spread awareness in a gentle and discreet way! These sticky notes will stick to pretty much anything.

This listing is for one pack of sticky notes, which has 50 pages total.

3 x 3 inches


Vaccine Doses infants under 1 year. A lot of "vaccine dose" fliers / posters have vaccine doses for all ages up to age 18. I wanted to focus on the narrow interval under 1 year, where brain development is rapid and crucial. It's hard to fit a ton of information on these tiny sheets, but one important distinction is in 1980, 2 of those doses were oral. So, technically only 3 shots AND vaccine coverage was about 60%, meaning only 60% of 2 year olds had received all their vaccines. Verses today, the coverage is MUCH higher, well into the 90% range.

In the 1980s, many more families were skeptical and cautious regarding vaccines, and this led to that lower uptake. Yet now today, we have 3 times as many doses, and no safety studies for this increasing vaccine schedule. These are all "shots in the dark".

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