Best Advice for Pregnancy and Birth

Shared from The.Holistic.Mother.

Pregnancy is the opportunity to step into how powerful we are as creators. Birth isn’t just an isolated event, it’s a human experience. You become a bridge that connects your old life to your new life.

The 40+ weeks we are pregnant aren’t just there to give us time to buy baby products and physically prepare to have a baby in our home. It’s a time to do profound work. Soul work.

But in this modern day, the moment we conceive we become disconnected from things that should really matter during our pregnancies. We become part of a system. During a time when we should be advocating for ourselves, researching for our babies and preparing for birth we end up distracted.

We get get so caught up in what pregnancy looks like that we end up denying ourselves the most magical transformation of all.

We deny our intuition because for as long as we can remember we have been convinced that some outside authority knows us better. We fall into the hands of unsupportive and impatient providers wrongfully trusting that our bodies and decisions will be respected. We become another cascade of interventions.

We hope to breastfeed but trust the poor advice we receive early on and then believe there’s something wrong with us when we can’t. We trust that we are giving informed consent to all procedures for ourselves and our babies but we rarely get full disclosure from healthcare providers making it impossible to make an informed decision. We are coerced.

We look around us at what everyone else is doing when we should be looking inward. You might find that you would do things differently. You might find that every parenting decision is fine as long as enough parents are doing it. Even if it’s not fine to you. Even if it’s not really fine at all.

Step into your power. Step into awareness and knowledge and become empowered because as soon as you trust that someone else is going to do that for you, you lose all power over yourself and your baby.

Pregnancy is about growth and expansion. With each baby we too are born. A new version of ourselves. Each pregnancy, each birth and each baby requires growth and the opportunity to become more ourselves than ever before.