Emily Rose’s Story

Shared with permission from her mama Nicola Hogan. 

“I saw your post, my daughter passed away 11 weeks ago after being given the 6-in-1 [hexavalent vaccine], the pcv, the men b, and the rotavirus! She died from pneumonia after they injected it into her in the pcv injection! My baby had no symptoms no sickness she passed in her sleep they are killing our babies I’m so heartbroken.

Emily Rose had her vaccinations exactly 4 weeks before she passed. I asked my doctor if it was possible if Emily could have passed over the vaccine he told me no no definitely not but I was looking stuff up online myself and a friend told me look for the insert of the pcv vaccine and it does say deaths happened from the vaccine.

I truly, truly believe Emily passed away over the vaccine she was perfectly healthy I fed her at 3:30 am the bottle was gone 4 am before I got her back to sleep she happily went to sleep and was cold by 6:10 am.

I don’t see how it is possible for a baby to be dying from pneumonia to be as happy and content as she was. Also the coroner used the words ‘an unidentifiable virus’ so they’re calling it a viral infection and hypoxemia but won’t identify the virus.”

Sudden Infant Death After Vaccination

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