SIDS 36 Hours After Vaccines: Bear’s Story

Shared from his mother, Anne Bliss.

“Five years ago my life changed. I became a mom. I was/am a great mom. Did everything the “right” way. Birthed the way the doctor wanted me to. Went to every single appointment you’re supposed to go to. Vaccinated on schedule. The whole nine yards.

Then something happened. My son became the “1 in a million” odds. I’ll give ya a little insight. It’s not 1 in a million. Doctors do not report the way they should. They vaccinate when they shouldn’t. If your child is sick at all they should not be vaccinated. Period.

My son died 36 hours after his vaccinations. He stopped breathing for the first time around 3:15 AM. Got to the hospital and tried to keep him alive until 10 AM.

They said he was brain dead and we could not get him stabilized. No report was filed with VAERS. The hospital and/or the doctor should have filed it. They didn’t. They didn’t give me a reason of death until June. He died in March. When I asked what his toxicity levels were they said they said they only did tests to rule out neglect.

Labeled it SIDS. It wasn’t “crib death” or suffocation because a blood vessel in your eye pops when you’re suffocated his was not popped.

SIDS is listed on the insert for the DTaP vaccination which he got at his 2 month appointment.

This is why I will never vaccinate Chayah or Legend. This is a parents choice in Oklahoma still. They are still able to go to public school and play sports.

Oklahoma has all 3 exemption forms: religious, personal, and medical.

When someone says something about crazy anti-vaxxers or makes jokes that aren’t funny it gets under my skin and is honestly quite hurtful.

So please if you feel that it’s funny to share memes holding a skeleton in a baby wearer and one holding a live baby in the baby wearer that says anti vax moms vs. pro vax moms.

Do me a favor and delete me. I have no problem with agreeing to disagree (my best friends vaccinate but they know it happened to Bear they don’t deny that) but my kid is a skeleton in the ground now because of vaccinations and I have no room in my life for people who find that funny.

If you made it this far thank you for caring enough to read this novel. Hopefully I haven’t offended anyone by saying that these things are hurtful and cause me great anger and pain.”

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