Measles After MMR: Anti-Vaxxers Blamed

[Editor’s note: It’s actually very common to get a measles rash after MMR vaccination. Please see this post for examples of common vaccine reactions.]

Shared by her mother, Caitlin Jensen.

“I was debating if i should post this or not but then i came across an anti-vaccination comment on a post about the measles and it pissed me off. If you don’t like it tuff and yes i will be using language not fit for a lady because I’m pretty fucking mad.

If you are an anti- vaxxer unfriend me now because you are the reason my child is sick people like you who believe the bull shit you read that holds no truth and puts my child’s life at risk. My child has the measles because some people were selfish and chose to not vaccinate themselves or there children.

We did our part we got her vaccinated but sadly it takes 2 weeks to take effect and and she was 5 days shy of it so now she suffers and all i can do as a parent is try and make her as comfortable as possible.

It kills me as a parent that you can do everything in your power to protect your child but yet another persons stupidity can threaten their life and YES MEASLES IS LIFE THREATENING especially to a infant.

Thank goodness hers is only a mild case and she is doing great but it kills me to no end to see the stupidity of anti-vaxxers makes me want to throat punch them. VACCINATE VACCINATE AND FOR GODS SAKE VACCINATE!!!a p.s. i live in Champaign.”