Angel Isabella’s Story

Shared from her mother, Taylor Krystine Frady.

Angel Isabella Frady (June 25, 2014 – October 5, 2014).

She passed away 2 weeks after receiving the 2 month vaccines. Her autopsy report did not mention the vaccines even though she still had some redness on both of her legs, at the injection sites. Ruled Undetermined.

However, the coroner said this is a typical SIDS case but he stated he couldn’t put SIDS as the cause of death. It’s listed as a side effect to certain vaccines. The report also stated she had the beginning stages of pneumonia in her lungs.

“I was a first time mom and I didn’t know vaccinating was an option.

I took my healthy daughter Angel in for her 2 month check-up, she was just over 2 ½ months old. We didn’t delay the vaccines on purpose, we just didn’t have a car at the time she turned 2 months old.

During this visit, she was given 8 vaccines (DTaP, IPV, Hib, Hep B, Pneumococcal and the oral Rotavirus vaccine). As stated other places, these are the current vaccines on the schedule given routinely to 2 month old babies in the US.

All 8 vaccines were given within 3 injections and 1 oral vaccine. The DTaP, IPV, Hib vaccine is a 5 in 1 combo shot.

After the doctor’s visit, Angel became fussy more than normal and had a slight fever. Her legs were red and irritated. The shots given in her legs caused redness that turned into bruises, at the injection sites… I was told these were just normal reactions. Two weeks after that, my world crashed. My heart broke into a million pieces.

My mother woke up and went to fix her a bottle, that’s when we found her laying there. She performed CPR on her and we called the ambulance. They worked on her for 2 hours but she was gone. She was in perfect health, she was my little angel. She received her angel wings on October 5, 2014, exactly 2 weeks after being vaccinated.

Initially, soon after she passed, I received a call from the coroner and was told what I already knew, that there were no drugs in her system!! Of course not!! But the vaccines were ignored. It seems they don’t count. Angel’s death was initially reported as either an accidental death or a natural death and deemed SIDS! The coroner did not admit the vaccines played a role in her death.

Today, January 2, 2015 we received the autopsy report back on our precious Angel Isabella Frady.

The official cause of death was ruled UNDETERMINED, but the coroner whom I recently had a conversation with, he said SIDS, but that he couldn’t put SIDS as the cause. He did not give me a clear reason why. It’s likely because SIDS is listed as a side effect from some vaccines. The report also stated she had the beginning stages of pneumonia in her lungs.

I strongly believe that the vaccines had a lot to do with my daughters passing… I hate vaccines, they killed my precious Angel.

No one should let these sick doctors, this government, put poison into our babies little bodies. If I had known that vaccines would hurt my daughter, I would have never let her get them, but she did… and now she is gone…She was cremated. Her ashes are with me.

I also started a page for my daughter. Remembering Angel Isabella Frady.

Please…. Do your research on vaccines before you have a child. I learned the hard way. We don’t need or want any more precious children, babies, even adults, becoming sick or dying because of the vaccines. She was not worth anything to those responsible.

I have still not decided if I want to pursue filing a vaccine injury claim because so many are turned away and it’s a hassle. It’s hard enough dealing with the loss of your child and then to face being denied the true cause of their death.

This little angel brought sunshine and joy into our lives, for 3 months and 5 days. She will never be forgotten. She will always be missed and loved until the day comes, when we are reunited.

I like to think she’s blissful and she is at peace and she will never have to know one ounce of pain or sadness, all she knew while she was here was love.

Unless she was hungry, she was never fussy, she was never sick. And now she is in heaven with her father getting more love than we could imagine, along with all the other beautiful angels. A perfectly healthy baby doesn’t go to heaven for no reason. I believe it was the vaccines, SIDS is a cover-up.

Your Mommy who will Love You Forever,

~ Taylor Krystine Frady