Shared by his mother, Brittany Poveromo.

“My son was born 1/8/14 at 5:15pm weighing in at 9lbs. He passed all his newborn screenings. I refused the hepB shot (don’t know why, just didn’t feel right. I was extreme pro vax at this time) but agreed to vitamin K. Upon leaving the hospital my son became jaundice, not severely, but enough to warrant a check up at his pediatrician the following week. All was well and his bilirubin went back to normal.

He scooted at 3 months old. Sat unassisted at 4 months old. Crawled at 5 months old. Pulled to stand at 6 months old. Took his first steps at 8 months old. Full blown walking at 10 months old. First word (bubble) at 13 months old. Played with toys. Shared. Knew all his body parts. Had a small vocabulary at 15 months old. Played with other kids. Initiated play. Imaginary play. In other words, totally neurotypical.

The day after his MMR vaccine he was extremely whiny with a fever. Of course, I didn’t think much of it, and didn’t realize until I went back to look at his records and pictures. He was back in the doctors office within 2 weeks with an upper respiratory problem and/or an ear infection after every single vaccine. He lost his language. He stopped playing with toys. He played with random objects. Eye contact ceased to exist. Stopped being interested in other kids. Started having stomach issues. Started having sleep issues. Started becoming a picky eater. At the time I was blind and thought it was a “phase”. It was not. I called early intervention and to my surprise he qualified in ALL AREAS. We made an appointment with a developmental pediatrician immediately as well as a neurologist. Diagnosis – regressive borderline severe autism. That was the first time I broke down and bawled my eyes out in years. I was a mess. How could this happen to my baby? He was so advanced. People would constantly comment on how advanced he was. How did this happen?

What happened? I’ll tell you what happened…

After testing we discovered Jack has the MTHFR copy c677t genetic mutation, among others. What this specific mutation does is it slows down the body’s detoxification and methylation system. We continued to vaccinate not knowing that his body was delayed in detoxification. The heavy metals, toxins, and adjuvants build up in his fragile little body until they had nowhere to go. Where did they end up going? To his brain. What happened then?

Brain inflammation. Brain damage. Regression into the autistic state. On top of it, we were told to give Tylenol after his vaccinations. Again, at the time we didn’t know that his body couldn’t process and he’s actually allergic to the acetaminophen in Tylenol. Also, acetaminophen reduces the body’s natural production of glutathione. What’s glutathione? It’s the main antioxidant in the human body to help aid in the detoxification process. So, not only was his MTHFR mutation slowing him down but add acetaminophen on top of that. THIS IS REALITY. Go ahead… look it up to make sure I know what I’m talking about. I invite you and beg you to please look into what I am saying.

You think I’m a “crazy mom”? You think I’m making this up in my own head? Or maybe you’re one of those people who, since I’ve explained it scientifically, thinks that what happened to my son is rare. Newsflash – not rare. You know how many parents I’ve met who’s story is IDENTICAL to my son’s? Hundreds. Oh, you don’t think vaccines can cause any harm?

Are you aware there’s a vaccine injury court run by the government which has paid out over $4,000,000,000 to vaccine injured individuals to date? Does that sound rare to you? I’m not saying everyone will have a horrible reaction, but sometimes people need to open their minds and accept the fact that they may not be getting the whole truth. Maybe there’s more out there that they don’t know. Don’t you think, as parents, we have the right to make a proper decision for our child? How can we make that decision without being completely informed? How can anyone believe there couldn’t possibly be any negative side affects from injecting ourselves with things like aluminum and formaldehyde? I wish I had my eyes open and I wish I had done my own research instead of blindly trusting and following big pharma.

Before you call anti vaxxers crazy, maybe you should open your mind and hear their story. Every “clique” has crazies in it, but are we really the crazy ones because we think for ourselves, do our own research which is readily available, and want to inform others so they don’t make the same mistake most of us have?

I’m not typing this to start a war or an argument… I’m doing it because I’m sick of the judgment from people who don’t know the whole story. Do I sound crazy? Pretty sure I know more than most. Do you know my son’s first pediatrician never heard of the MTHFR until I informed her? Do you know she kicked us out of her practice because I was more informed than her medically in this topic?

Open your mind. Open your heart. Hear our stories.

Make an informed decision. Don’t follow blindly. Be your own advocate. Learn from our mistakes. Ask questions. Seek out those with personal experience. Don’t be a sheep, be a lion and protect your young, and yourself. Don’t be afraid to be looked at differently for having a different story or different point of view. Be loving and understanding to those different than you, even if you don’t agree. Be brave. Be strong. Voice your opinion. Stand up for yourself. Educate yourself. Do the best you can ♥️”