MMR Vaccine Reactions

As a mom, I get it. No one wants their kids to get sick ever. Like EVER. But what if everything we think we know about vaccines and infections and pathogens is wrong? What if we acknowledged that vaccines contain allergens that cause food allergies? What if we acknowledged the wealth of research out there that skipping or delaying some of these shots may actually prevent things like asthma, food allergies, and leukemia?

One major problem with vaccinating everyone, is, similar to pesticides, it causes the pathogens to mutate. And then the vaccines no longer work. And then we have outbreaks, and more vulnerable age groups are now exposed because natural immunity is no longer present.

Another major problem is sometimes vaccines can actually cause the disease it’s meant to prevent. For example, the mmr vaccine can cause actual infection.

Even during one of the largest measles outbreaks recently, a significant number of measles cases was later found to be caused by vaccine strains. Yet we often blame the “anti-vaxxers”.

During the measles outbreak in California in 2015, a large number of suspected cases occurred in recent vaccinees (3). Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences (R. J. McNall, unpublished data)

If you still think vaccines are 100% safe and effective, and that vaccine reactions are extremely rare…please see these reactions:

Measles Rash after MMR

“Just say NO to MMR… For anyone questioning your choices or doubting your choice to not vaccinate. Do not let people bully you, doctor’s or society!

Like some of you I followed the crowd and had my daughter receive the MMR. I held her poor little body for three days straight and she screamed and cried like her body was on fire and she developed a rash.

I was treated like I was crazy by three different doctors and I reported to the health department which in turn they harassed me for a year and treating me like I was crazy!

Please, please read the vaccine insert and research the chemicals that are in these vaccines! Educate before you vaccinate.”

Measles Rash after MMR / Varicella

“THIS is the rash you should be worried about…

The one following a vaccine and in this case the one that followed my Noah’s MMR, VZV, HiB, and HepA at his one year old appointment, in which the pediatrician also administered Tylenol prior to injecting him.

THIS is the rash that will leave your child in a debilitating life-long condition, stripping your child of their greatest potential and well-deserving beautiful life.

THIS is the rash you should fear compared to the one that is temporary and will leave your child with life-long immunity and strengthen his or her immune system.

I don’t expect people to understand, as most don’t understand until it directly affects them or their loved ones but if you’re interested in learning more, I highly recommend the book, “How to End the Autism Epidemic” by Jb Handley 💖

Be the change in the world 🌎 Educate before you vaccinate.”

Erythema Multiforme after MMR / Varicella

“We started vaccinating him when he was ten months. He had never been sick, and then after his first round of vaccines, he was sick all the time. He had a few rounds of DTAP and at 18 months, the doctor gave him his MMR, varicella, and hep A. I expressed my concern of multiple vaccines at once and was given immediate attitude. I reminded myself I had to trust them and consented.

That’s when our son got a vaccine injury. Erythema multiforme. It was horrifying. I’m so fortunate it wasnt worse. we had no idea what was happening but I knew it was from the vaccines.When the rash first started, none of the three doctors we took him to could identify it but acknowledged it was from his vaccines and said it was normal. ONLY when it got so bad he had to be hospitalized, were they able to identify it and ALL the doctors denied quickly it could have anything to do with the vaccines. They said he just got a virus of some sorts but if you look up erythema multiforme, it says its caused by drug exposure and overdoses. We caught doctors outside our hospital room closing windows in their laptops quickly if we ventured out, that were linking it to vaccines.

Knowing my child suffered incredibly because of a stupid decision I made was hard. Four long weeks of my baby crying and in agony because I didn’t listen to God. No remedy or medicine seemed to help or make him comfortable. I knew God tried to warn me about this and that I had made a mistake and if I kept going with vaccines, something worse was going to happen. I decided to become so well informed, there were no doubts in my mind, and I would be able to fight for my baby.

Since then I became informed at every angle. And spiritually, when I got on Gods ship with it, here’s what I found…biggest thing, ‘pharmekia” is the Greek root for pharmacy. It’s translated to mean witchcraft and sorcery. God is clear about it being evil. Vaccinating originates with ancient Egyptians injecting themselves with cow puss of sick bovines to become immune to things. They worshiped a cow God. They began injecting all sorts of nasty animals parts into their bodies. From the beginning God emphasizes keeping our blood pure. He also says not to mix our blood with the blood of animals. which we know vaccines contain lots of animal parts and DNA, as well as aborted fetal tissue. I think the deaths and sickness that follow vaccines are what God was warning us about. We don’t even know what this is doing to us in the long run.

We are messing with something meant to me pure and holy and polluting it. I believe God was telling me this very thing is modern day witchcraft. I know that sounds extreme but I believe it to be the truth. And when we go against God, we open ourselves up to spiritual pollution as well as physical. I repented and God has the power to make all things new. I have prayed and prayed over my son and I have faith God has healed him.

Thanks for giving our story your time. I hope you can learn from our mistakes and look at vaccines from a Godly spiritual perspective and not just physical. I encourage you to pray about this and look up what Gods word says about our bodies, purity, witchcraft, etc. The enemy seeks to kill and destroy and that’s what vaccines are doing.”

Death after MMR

On February 4th, 2000, Holly Stavola, a daughter, a sibling, a grandchild, and a niece died tragically and unnecessarily from encephalopathy due to her 2nd MMR vaccination.

Holly was a completely healthy, bright, kind and beautiful 5 year old child. The day she received her vaccinations at her 5 year well check-up Holly was not sick nor immunocompromised in any way. She received the MMR, the oral polio (which was no longer recommended as of Jan. 2000), the DTaP, the Mantoux test, and my son received the Chickenpox Vaccine (he was 9 years old). She became very ill a week following the shots, which is within the expected time period, a vaccine table injury of encephalopathy. Encephalopathy is one of the potential reactions of the MMR as stated in the Merck Package Insert and the vaccinetable.html  on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It can occur between 5-15 days after the vaccine.

She suffered 65 hours before becoming brain dead. Her first symptoms were a 107 degree fever and seizure that happened in our house before calling 911. In the first hospital we were screaming for help; they did a spinal tap to check for meningitis, and with increasing brain inflammation this should not have been done. She was shivering because hypothermia set in due to them trying to cool down her 107/108 fever. She was naked, vomiting, could not speak (ataxia), and had tears in her eyes. Her last words in the ambulance were, “Mommy help.”



“Our daughter, Roz, was born a happy, healthy little girl on June 17, 2010. She developed just like all children her age and hit her milestones on or before the target age. My husband and I decided to do vaccines one at a time on a delayed schedule after our first family doctor gave her PediaX vaccine with a combination of vaccines. At the age of one, we began with her DTap vaccinations and spread them out over a period of time. Then at her two-year checkup, we decided to begin her MMR vaccinations.

On June 12, 2012, Roz was given the MMR vaccine. She had the normal fussy period, as she did with the DTap, but after a week, she began to seem a little off, not as responsive, and she continued to be fussy. She began to run a low-grade fever on June 27. On June 28, Roz had been outside for a short period of time. After her shower, my husband put her in the chair. He walked in after about five minutes and noticed she wasn’t moving and was in a staring state, unresponsive. We immediately rushed her to the ER. After 30 minutes, the doctor confirmed she was having a seizure and had a fever of 101.1. They ran a series of tests and found nothing in the ways of infection, virus or bacteria. They transferred her to Children’s Hospital, where we spent the night for observation. The doctors told us that she had had a febrile seizure. They told us not to worry because febrile seizures are common in children.

On November 1, Roz woke up acting strangely; then she suddenly began to seize. I administered Diastat. She woke up an hour later and went into another seizure. We found ourselves back at Children’s with croup this time. Beginning in December, she had seizures about every month, and they began to get worse. Instead of having partial complex seizures, she began to have partial complex that generalized and Tonic-clonic (TC) seizures. By April 2013, she was having seizures every week. In the middle of April, Roz had three major TC seizures within a week’s time. We decided to take her to Cincinnati Children’s to get some answers. Throughout all the seizures, Roz continued to develop according to her age except for a speech delay. Over a period of time, her seizures changed but became more frequent.

Our neurologist suggested that we meet with the epilepsy doctor to see if Roz would be a candidate for brain surgery. On October 7, 2013, Roz was admitted for a week of VEEG monitoring and major scans that concluded she was a candidate for resectioning surgery of her right occipital lobe.

She would have to have half of her brain removed.” (via Vaccine Impact)

Please share your MMR vaccine injury story, and help educate others. Vaccine injuries aren’t rare, they’re just rarely reported.