Sudden Death After 4 Month Vaccines: Kaylee’s Story

Shared from her father, Clint Freeman.

Beautiful little Kaylee died on March 8, 2017 suddenly and unexpectedly, after going to a routine “wellness check” and receiving a DTaP vaccine. Her death was classified “Undetermined”, which is a common umbrella term used to classify deaths that occur shortly after vaccination.

Her father writes, “Today it’s been three years since you were taken from us… We love you and miss you every single day Kaylee. 💜😇

Mommy and Daddy will always fight for your freedom and awareness! 💜 Kylee is always holding your hand Kaylee 😇

Kylee & Kaylee about 37 months ago… Picture taken just a week or two before Kaylee died on this day last year (3-8-17) from the DTaP vaccine received during her routine “wellness check”.

Today it’s been a year since we lost our baby Kaylee and it still hurts today just as much as the day it happened. Loosing a child is like loosing your soul, you may put on a front for the world, but inside you are dying.

The moment that you died, my heart was torn in two 💔, one side filled with heartache, the other side died with you. I wish I could give you a million angel kisses, I would hold you in my arms and whisper I love you, I would try to tell you how much I miss you and think about you each day, your laugh, your smile, and how you would always fall right asleep on daddy’s chest. Daddy loves you, I walk beside you everyday. Just know you will always have my love. I love you Kaylee, and I miss you, and I’m giving you a million angel kisses.

Please visit Kaylee’s Dream, a dedicated Facebook Page set up by her father.

Her father wants you to know:

Parents today have options when it comes to vaccinations. You may choose to fully vaccinate, partially vaccinate, or allow your child to build natural immunity without vaccines. Before selecting which vaccines you will or will not inject into your baby’s body, research each individual vaccine, the disease it coorilates with, and your baby’s unique situation and needs. Just please educate yourself first and know the risk.

– So safe, hospital nurses would rather be fired than take any.
– So safe, a special federal court had to be created just to handle vaccine related injuries and deaths.
– So safe, this federal court had to be created just to protect vaccine manufacturer’s from massive lawsuits and bankruptcy. – So safe, your doctor’s and the vaccine manufacturer’s cannot be held liable if your child harmed, injured or killed by vaccines.”