Skyler’s Story

Shared from her father Robbie Bazzell:

“Skyler had over 130 seizures in her 30 minute EEG and the seizures haven’t stopped for over 2 and a half years now.

Her seizures started hours after her MMR, pcv13, and Hep a (2dose).

Within 5 days she lost her ability to walk and talk.

She was walking and talking at 10 months in the videos I have shared.

It triggered a metabolic issue breaking down carnitine. Her body isn’t breaking down carnitine through food or carnitor- the Pharma answer- so she is going to a metabolic doctor to see if there is anything they can do to reverse this.

If not her liver or heart will fail bc carnitine is what helps both the liver and the heart operate.

Pray for Skyler if you think about it.”

They are using CBD to keep her seizures at bay. After administering CBD oil made from marijuana he said that his daughter is experiencing miracle-like changes, such as a 600 percent reduction in epileptic episodes.