Quinn, Keely & Link’s Vaccine Reactions

Shared by Mama @thegallibunch

“Our story is long. My oldest got a head tic and stutter @ age 2 – the week of his MMR & flu vaccines. The MD told me this was a normal thing for a 2 year old & that it was not related to the MMR & flu vaccine he received that same week. After 6 months his head tic & stutter faded away & we continued vaccinating him. Link is fully vaccinated.

Keely has a peanut allergy & received an autoimmune diagnosis @ 5 years old. Keely also has a gene mutation that specifically effects her ability to detox toxins. With this in mind, our MD pulled vaccine titers on her which showed she is astronomically immune to all the things she’s been vaxxed for & the MD’s say her #’s are so high because her body isn’t detoxing adjuvants in the vaccines. Keely has been granted a medical exemption from her MD based on her titer results and her auto immune disease diagnosis.

Quinn is in the pic above @ age 2.5 after having her varicella and hep b vaccine. She stayed like this for a month post vax & the hospital ran every test on her to find an explanation for the way she looks here & didn’t find one. Our MD witnessed a healthy 2.5 year old get shots & come out with issues. A month after this pic Quinn had 3 new food allergies to foods she routinely ate before the vax reaction. Quinn has the same gene mutation that Keely has. Quinn was granted a temporary medical exemption by her MD based on her reaction & her titer results. Our MD’s plan was to slowly booster her with heavy metal detoxes in between.

Thanks to Gavin Newsom our girls now have to abandon our MD’s poa & either conform to the state or they will be turned away from every California school as of January 2021.

Vaccines cannot be a “one size fits all.” Will they be okay with more boosters? Maybe. But who’s liable if they aren’t?” #justasking #sos #makepharmaliableagain