2 Month Shots Vaccine Reaction

Shared from her mother.

Two years ago, my two month old baby received the routine 3 shots, 8 combined vaccines and when we came home she was pale, COLD and nearly lifeless. She had a vaccine reaction.

I was very provax. I was extremely confused and concerned. Her legs swelled and she had knots in them for months. This is what made me start researching vaccines… what’s in them, what are the side effects and are they really necessary. 6 months following this I barely slept.

I was angry and regretful. I was constantly reading and researching (and I still continue to do so) and I came to the conclusion that our family would no longer ever receive another shot.

Now that I know what vaccine injuries are, I know that all three of my children have been injured. I recommend every parent to really REALLY dig into this. Question everything. Had I known what I know now, my kids would be vaccine free. I used to have such pride and defense about the importance of everyone getting vaccines, now I say with confidence that I was WRONG.

To report any vaccine reaction or injury, please visit vaers.hhs.gov