Vaccine Reaction at Birth

-Guest Post-

I think this exact day is when it clicked for me.

My son just a few days old with a burning hot rash, chemically burned eyelids, and acid that raged in his belly and throat.

There was no other explanation. This is why we don’t vaccinate. This isn’t normal like we were told by doctors and nurses.

This is my sons tiny body trying to expel all the toxins I had just allowed him to have at birth, in his most pure and natural form.

Knowing instinctually that I needed to do something, I started my research.

The ingredients, reactions, risks….. and the remedies. We detoxed heavy metals, cleansed his gut, went vegan…. tried everything. Probiotics, enzymes, vitamin c, AVC, Epsom. Whatever I thought would heal him.

Here we are a year and a half later. He’s come a long long way. He has severe eczema, his breakouts are painful to see. And food allergies to many many things. Dairy, gluten, citrus. But he’s a happy and healthy baby.

He’s very sensitive. I can’t imagine what would have happened if he were to continue to be vaccinated.

He received eye ointment, hep b, and vitamin k.

If I could reach every new mother I would tell them to do their own research. Read it for themselves and decide if the risk is worth it!

**just wanted to share our story.