Scarlet California’s Story

Shared from her mother, Barbara Wibe.

Meet my daughter, Scarlet California.

In 2013, when Scarlet was born, she suffered a vaccine injury. I did not know what was going on at first. It started after birth, on day 2 with her Hepatitis B vaccine & Vitamin K shot. Within hours of injection, her skin went from dark pink, to pale and mottled. She started having trouble eating and she became very lethargic. She had her first apnea event that night and stopped breathing in her sleep. She had awful jaundice and we were almost sent to the NICU because she was not gaining enough weight. Instead, we received a lactation consultation and were sent home because there was not a good enough reason to keep her.

Over the next 3 weeks, we went to the pediatrician weekly to make sure she was gaining weight. I would stay awake at night just to make sure she was breathing. Her stomach started blowing up like a balloon. It came to a point where we went to the ER because she stopped pooping. We were immediately transferred and admitted to our local children’s hospital NICU where she was diagnosed with an unknown bowel obstruction. It took 12 days for her bowels to pass a stool and in the meantime, she contracted a deadly intestinal infection called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). The surgeon recommended an ileostomy and exploratory surgery. She came home on an ostomy bag. They couldn’t tell us what went wrong or how any of this happened. Looking back it should have been crystal clear that it was the shots, but even then I was naive. At the time she went into the hospital she was only 3 weeks old and was 100% breastfed, with no other substance in her body except these shots. I should have trusted my gut feeling.

At home, she developed bad reflux, would cry a lot, had trouble sleeping, trouble gaining weight. She was started on omeprazole (Prilosec) for the reflux and we worked with a wound and ostomy care nurse to make sure her bag was as comfortable as possible.

In 2014, We would spend the next year making sure she got the best of care which included all of her well baby visits, and all of her shots. At 6 months old, she had her ostomy takedown surgery and a botox procedure for her sphincter. Her doctor talked me into vaccinating her just 5 days after this major surgery, and she developed ticks. She saw a nutritionist and a GI specialist regularly to keep an eye on her bowel issues. And at 11 months old had another botox procedure in her sphincter. In the meantime, she cried and cried. It never stopped. And the bowel issues persisted.

At about a year old she fell and slightly bumped her head on a cushion… She immediately started to lose consciousness… she arched her back, gurgled, her eyes rolled back, lips went blue, and she passed out cold in my husbands’ arms. We called 9-1-1. The ER told me this was a normal thing called “Breath Holding Spells.” The pediatrician agreed. At this point, she had received something like 35 vaccines the first year. The Breath Holding Spells lasted from age 1 year to age 3-and-a-half.

In 2015, After my insistence that these spells were not normal, her peds referred us to the cardiologist for more testing. So, she went in for an EKG which then prompted further testing. The doc seemed really worried and was even ready to sedate her on the spot for an echo. I agreed to the echo with no sedation and everything turned out to be benign. Still, the bowel issues and BH spells persisted.

The only answers we were getting were about what was NOT wrong. It was NOT Hirschsprung’s disease. It was NOT Cystic Fibrosis. It was NOT Crohn’s. The prolonged crying is NOT something to worry about. The prolonged “soft spot” was NOT something to worry about. The ticks were NOT something to worry about. The loss of consciousness was NOT anything major. It was frustrating to see her suffer.

In 2016, Melanonychia came into our lives (about a year after the heart scare.) Apparently, this fingernail condition is so rare that MOST of the time it occurs, it ends up being cancer. So off to the ER we went, and another specialist added to our repertoire. It was NOT cancer.

By this time, Scarlet was not a fan of hospitals or doctors and was starting to show signs that she was feeling the trauma. It was impossible to get her examined in any scenario; the dentist, the nutritionist, the pediatrician. She also began having unbelievable tantrums and it was almost impossible to leave the house or get through a day without complete exhaustion from the meltdowns. Both her and I. She began to have tantrums that lasted up to 45 minutes and there was NOTHING I could do to calm her, and she would begin to scratch her legs violently while uncontrollably crying. It killed me that I couldn’t help her. By now she was 3 and had developed a very strong stutter and would often repeat words up to 9 or 10 times before she got them out.

So In 2017, I got her tested for Autism, not knowing what was going on. I didn’t even know what Autism was. I found out that she did NOT have it, but was she was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Difficulty (SPD), Hypersensitivity to touch, sound and light, as well as Emotional Dysregulation. While the diagnosis was validating – it was also a learning curve. We had to change how we disciplined her and how to parent a child that cannot self soothe. We started weekly psychologist and occupational therapy appointments. We started group & speech therapy to get her ready for school. And, I started group and individual counseling for my PTSD and trauma.

Mid 2017 – Sometime during that year of therapy, I BECAME WOKE! I started to connect dots I had not seen before and started what has turned out to be a year-and-a-half of daily researching, documentary watching, and networking. The bulk of her injuries have been intestinal related and behavioral, and we have tried several medications to try to get her bowel back in order. But she still suffered from motility issues. So by October 2017, I had-had-it. We quit the Miralax… and she stared stooling every day… or every other day. Before this, she was stooling about 1-2 times per week. The difference was unreal. I started to become suspicious of all meds. I researched Tylenol and Miralax all and was horrified. I learned about antibiotics and was shocked by what they do to the gut.

In May 2018, While registering for school. I was pressured to get her booster shots in order for her to start in the fall. Her pediatrician refused us an exemption, even with her extensive medical background. He insisted she suffered no autoimmune response. I cried all day leading up to this appointment.

After the injections, she immediately suffered severe abdominal cramping for 3 weeks, with bouts of uncontrollable tummy pain. Then again came severe constipation. We immediately lost all of the gut health gains we had slowly accomplished over the last 3 years between shots. We had recently potty trained and got out of diapers. After the shots, she slowly lost control of her bowel, and diapers made a comeback. She would barely eat and sleep became interrupted again. The tantrums came back, and so did the stuttering and repeating of words that had disappeared in therapy. Our family therapist noted the differences and was shocked to see the regression with the shots. We graduated out of that program in June 2018.

By July 2018 we were back in the hospital. This time she had an intense headache and couldn’t move her neck. We had to call an ambulance so they could use the gurney to get her to the ER, who then admitted us overnight. We were told that she was dehydrated and had a migraine. But, at one point they were ready to do a spinal tap and a Ct scan. It was a very confusing admittance, but she survived it. And, by this point, I was just crying happy tears that she was alive. We went home on Tylenol and ibuprofen around the clock. And 2 days later, the headache came back. We again treated with the OTC’s and thankfully, it went away. (Que mom fainting upon news of the headache returning, and receiving a massive concussion. Que sister, Violet, finding mom passed out in the wee hours of the morning and waking-up dad to call 9-1-1).

In October of 2018, we had received testing back from a sample of hair from her first haircut. The test showed an excess of toxic heavy metals such as Aluminum, Arsenic, Barium, Tin, etc. My heart sank. Vaccine injury was real. I was seeing it with my own eyes. A few weeks later a gene test came back. We found out she has the MTHFR c677t gene variant and 2 other MTHFR variants that can cause cardiac issues and breast cancer. I was beside myself.

We started TRS, seeing an HHP, and high dose Vitamin C. We supplement with omega 3 and use probiotics. We have been practicing clean eating and buying organic where possible. Our food bill had gone up drastically. We do every bath with Epsom salts. We have even purchase Coseva’s TRS spray. We have had to start out slow but are educating ourselves about the chemicals around us. You name it – we are willing to do whatever we can to detox her body. And we are seeing gains!!

It is now 2019. Since we started gentle detox, we have seen gains. We have gained most bowel control back. We have gotten almost all of the way out of diapers, with an occasional accident. The stuttering came and then went away. The intermittent stomach cramping and pain have mostly gone away. But the severe constipation persists. She is only having bowel movements once per week. You could imagine the pain and discomfort with passing such a large stool. Because of this, her eating is minimal as well. She eats a few bites per meal at best. The behavior is mostly manageable, but still, it can be very disruptive to our entire household. The difference is now we KNOW WHAT IS WRONG. It is much easier to help her get what she needs now that we KNOW. Knowledge is power!

But we need more… We still have a child who only stools 4 times PER MONTH. She still needs expensive TRS therapy, which is running out. We need to pay off the credit cards from those hair and gene tests mentioned above. We need to find a reasonably priced chiropractor. We need more HHP visits and new supplements like vitamin D, vitamin A, and minerals. Each HHP & Chiropractic visit is $60, and we still have yet to hire an MD in an effort to get an official medical exemption so she does not have to continue being vaccinated.

We have lost everything. I have lost everything – staying home to care for her. I have had to give up a career I worked a decade to build. I have had to cash in all of my assets. We have moved back in with our parents. My car is older than dirt. Our entire world has changed. We have no friends left. We have no family in our corner anymore. I’m not sure they realize the fight we have been fighting. But by the grace of God – we made it to this side of the storm – ALIVE and TOGETHER!

For the past 5 years, I have selflessly volunteered my time, giving back to children in and out of the hospital. I did this in an effort to find someone who was like my daughter. I never did find anyone with her unique set of diagnoses. But I learned a lot, and I have helped hundreds of children with free gifts, gift cards, and support groups while admitted to the hospital, or while recovering at home. I’ve counseled dozens of parents in and out of the hospital about “the life.” I’ve given dozens of free memorial lockets to grieving moms, and I’ve been there when they’ve buried their children. I’ve also spent the last year-and-a-half of my life dedicated to researching and speaking out on my daughter’s’ behalf. I’ve never taken a paycheck for what I do, and I’ve never thrown a fundraiser specifically just for us. This will be my first fundraiser just for Scarlet. Just for US!

Each dollar of profit will go to cover medical expenses incurred from recovering from her multiple vaccine injuries.
If by the grace of GOD, we make enough to get the bills paid, I am hoping to add to our dream of going to Disneyland. The kids have never been, and are really looking forward to something fun instead of another doctor’s visit.

Did I mention that Scarlet has an older sister, Violet, who has been there every step of the way to support her sister anyway she knew how. She has been amazing. She deserves this too. Kids we help with our charity get to go to Disney all the time. Scarlet does not qualify for make-a-wish and so she never has gone. I have lost everything advocating for her, my career, all my assets, everything. It would be a dream come true to be able to treat these girls to the magic kingdom.

We appreciate your time reading our story and any donation you can give.
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Thank you! 
Barbara Wibe, Scarlet’s MOM #ScarletsARMY – for a slideshow of photos from our foundation.