Remi Rose’s Story

In her mother’s words:

“I never shared these pictures publicly on my fb before. But i think it’s time. It’s taking a lot of courage to press share. I think it needs to be seen. It wasn’t a planned thing. Someone thought I would cherish these pictures in the future and took them and now I’m glad they did. It may make some people mad or uncomfortable but its my reality every day. It’s the reality of what can happen from vaccinating.

There are dangers, especially with very small babies. I had no idea and I wish I did. I wish I can go back. I hope you can read the pain and shock on our faces. Because pain and shock and not accepting of what had just happened is how i felt then. And she looked like such an angel. A beautiful angel.

She was given the Hep B vaccine at around 3:30 pm on the 26th of September at her first doctors apt. She died less than 48 hours later.

Her name was Remi Rose and she was so loved. We wanted to do what was best for our baby and so we listened and vaccinated her. Everything in me was screaming not to for some reason and i had no idea why. I even denied it the first time they asked and thats why she didnt get it till she was three weeks old. The doctor told me that it was very important that she got it and that i was putting her at risk. Made me feel like a bad mom.
Couple of things about hep b. It is a disease you can get from blood to blood contact. Exp, sexual contact or sharing needles with drug addicts. So why is this vaccine given to baby’s on their first couple days and weeks of life? 

If you look at the vaccine insert, sleep apnea and trouble breathing can be a reaction to the shot. She just stopped breathing in the middle of the night with no explanation. It was ruled unexplained and we are still fighting to this day to get the truth from them. They did not do the proper testing to even see if it was the vaccine but i know it was. I seen what happened to my baby the day she got her shot.

She deteriorated over less than 48 hours and then died in her sleep. I can only wish she went peacefully with no pain. I can only wish she could have told me what was wrong with her so we could have saved her. We will get to the truth no matter how long it takes. I promise. I promise in her name.