Harvey and Cullen’s Story

Shared from Harvey and Cullen’s mother, BreeAna Lee.

I have debated posting this photo because so many people are cruel. I shared this with a HUGE activist because I knew I could trust her Meghan Rose (she posted this on her page as well).

These are my babies…

Harvey on the left, unvaxxed and no vitamin K at birth (currently 8 months old)
Cullen on the right, fully vaxxed according to the CDC schedule, except for the flu (currently 3 years and 8 months old).

They are approximately the same age in this photo.

I took the picture of Harvey because the way he was looking at me reminded me of a photo of Cullen that I loved so much. I didn’t expect to compare the two photos and cry for 5 days straight about it.

I have had friends hate on me and “unfriend” me for my choices to no longer vaccinate my children.

I have had my childs vaccine injuries dismissed with the “well my child is fine” comments.

I have had people tell me “your unvaxxed baby is a science experiment.”


My unvaxxed baby was not the science experiment and never will be. MY VAXXED BABY WAS!

My unvaccinated child, Harvey, is by far healthier than my vaccinated child, Cullen.

Harvey is relaxed, sleeps mostly well, no skin issues (completely still so so soft).

Cullen is stiff, sucks at sleeping, and has severe eczema and just received his first pair of glasses. We have been battling all of these since the DAY FOLLOWING his 2 month vaccines.

Harvey was rolling at 2 months, crawling at 4.5 months, sitting at 6 months and pulling up to stand at 7 months. Currently, at 8 months, is starting to copy sounds such as mama and dada. I do not expect it to be much longer for him to start walking.

Cullen, on the other hand, wasn’t rolling until 7 months, sitting at 8 months, crawling until 11.5 months, walking at 15 months and wasn’t talking until about 2 years and 3 months old.

I remember going in for Cullen’s check up. The nurse went to vaccinate him and the syringe wasn’t put together right, the syringe fell apart while the needle was stuck in his leg. The doctor said to re-vaccinate him. I knew something wasn’t right. I kept asking his doctor if it was ok to do a double dose. He shaked his head with a chuckle and said it was perfectly safe. Later that week he developed an ear infection, followed by an allergic reaction to amoxicillin, followed by thrush.

At Harvey’s one month appointment, he was breathing strange (6 hours after this appointment I took him to the ER to find out he needed emergency surgery, not due to health, was due to a freak accident). The pediatrician didn’t care about his breathing, instead she was worried and “counseled me at length” about me not wanting to vaccinate my kids anymore. She almost killed my baby because she was more worried about vaccines that he couldn’t even receive at his age yet!

People make jokes that since one is unvaxxed and one is vaxxed that I will see the difference because my unvaxxed won’t survive.

I see the difference and I’m afraid that if I kept vaccinating Cullen, that he wouldn’t have survived.

I loved my first son enough to protect him and save his brother.

Do not ask me to believe in your false sense of security when this is my truth!