Why We All Need To Break Up With Big Pharma

I am SO SICK of hearing people making excuses for Big Pharma who shacked up with CDC/FDA and honestly: he doesn’t treat you right.
The United States spends the MOST out of every nation ($3.5 trillion) and has the WORSE health outcomes:
The US has the LOWEST life expectancy at birth than comparable countries. In fact, according to CIA.gov, we rank 43rd.
Our Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is also terrible: we rank #33 out of 36 comparable countries. 
We have more infants dying on the first day of life than EVERY other comparable nation. Our maternal mortality rate is higher than EVERY comparable nation. Almost half of Americans (45%) have a chronic health condition, compared to 17% in the ten European countries analyzed. 
The US has more vaccine doses on the schedule than EVERY other country in the world. We inundate our newborns with more crap than any nation, and our mothers have among the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world.
18% of US children have a chronic health condition. Asthma prevalence has DOUBLED since the 1980s. Type 1 diabetes has increased 60% in a 27 year period. Cases of pediatric cancer has increased 50% from 1975 to 2015. The number of cases of epilepsy, food allergies, neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism, is increasing continuously. Even SIDS, which briefly dropped due to diagnostic transfer in the 1990s is now increasing under the whole umbrella term SUID.
If you even so much as speak negatively, question, or give negative feedback—your words are quickly labeled MISINFORMATION. Don’t you find that odd? 
He won’t let you question him. He won’t let you talk to others. He keeps you away from information. He wants you to trust him. He embarrasses you in public. He thinks little of your concerns. He monitors you. He controls you.
We are ALL in an abusive relationship. And there is only one thing to do: Break up already. Get your life back. It’s OK to ask questions. It’s OK to have concerns. Trust yourself. You can do it. You deserve better.