Seizures and Cardiac Arrest After Vaccines: Jayce’s Story

Shared from his grandma Nicole Shane Brown.

“Jayce was a happy, healthy 2-month-old until three days after his vaccinations. Jayce went into full cardiac arrest followed by days of non-stop seizures.

He was without oxygen for so long, the doctor said if he pulls through his brain damage will be so severe, he will have no quality of sustainable life.

We did not accept that. We turned to God and the community for prayers for Jayce. We received thousands of prayers from around the world. Two months later, Jayce was recovering and healing well.

He needs continued therapy and a multitude of treatments, but our little guy is a fighter and with the grace of God hopefully will heal fully over the coming years.”

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Update March 17, 2020

They are treating Jayce with an antibiotic and steroid injected into his muscle twice daily for 30 days for his infantile spasms. The seizures appear to be non-clinical and will be doing a sleep study and continue to monitor seizure activity.

Update March 26, 2020

“17 pounds 13oz, his new medication has him not sleeping well, they stopped giving him veggies, and his belly is upset again. But I’ve been told that his spasms are minimal and he’s been doing fine. He is considered legally blind, however he has one year from the date of the accident to regain his eyesight. He is very responsive to sound though, he talks and smiles and is moving his legs more. His neck strength has improved. .. . Jayce’s immune system has been compromised so currently we don’t get to have our regular visits with him, which is so so so hard but we want him safe, we Skype with his caregiver so we get to see Jayce and talk to him. He likes to yell at us bahaha, he’s supper funny, so chunky, and I have faith he will get better and he has more recovery in him. Also because of the quarentine Jayce is not recieveing his normal PT, OT and other therapies/programs.”