Seizures After 4-Month Vaccinations: Colson’s Story

Shared from his mother Cheyenne Gajnos.

“Since Colson had his vaccine injuries I feel so called to share his story and to spread awareness. I was so blind for so long.

I used to make fun of people like myself. I’d share memes about how dumb they are, start arguments, say mean and nasty things. Oh, the ignorance.

The morning of Colson’s 4 month *vaccine appointment*, sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office I shared a meme about how anti vaxxers will stop eating romaine lettuce when the CDC announces an outbreak but won’t vaccinate their children. I was sitting there laughing to myself thinking “how dumb could someone be?”

We were brought into a room. He was weighed and looked over. We talked about how he was doing, if he was meeting milestones, etc. Then came his shots.

That instant scream is something that’ll never leave my mind. When the needle goes into the leg, and they open their mouth but nothing comes out. “He may not breath for a few seconds—that’s normal” …… why is that normal?

He was so lethargic and fussy for a few hours. I kept telling myself “this is normal”.

Around 4:00 is when it started. He screamed bloody murder for so long. He had a fever of 104. We couldn’t get him to stop screaming. “this is normal” I kept telling myself. We tried a bath, that made the screaming worse. I tried breastfeeding, he wouldn’t eat. Finally Colson & I laid in bed. I held him while he was screaming and we cuddled until we both fell asleep somewhere around 6:00.

I woke up suddenly to him shaking. I don’t know what time it was, or how long we were asleep for. I just remember my husband coming in our bedroom and I said “he just woke me up shaking pretty bad.”

A seizure. My baby had a seizure.

I truly didn’t believe what happened. I was in denial. I was so unsure if what happened truly was a seizure because I was in such a deep sleep. I was petrified but I kept telling myself “this is normal.”

The day after the seizure.

I called his doctor. Colson’s pediatrician had the audacity to tell me this was “a normal reaction to vaccines”. He didn’t even want to see my son in the office to make sure he was okay. He told us to call back if this behavior continued after 24 hours 😓

Colson seemed sickly, fussy and uncomfortable for another 3 days. I was doubting myself as a mother. Was it a seizure? Why was this considered normal? Why is my baby in so much pain and agony? Was I doing the right thing by giving him the vaccines? I just wanted him to be safe and protected.

A few days later we were taking a nap together in bed. Once again, I woke up to him shaking.

I called his doctor immediately who then told us to go right to the ER. They ran tests and didn’t find anything. However, they got us an immediate referral to one of the best pediatric neurologists in the country. We went the next day.

He had an EEG done. Seeing my baby hooked up to all the wires…. I truly can’t describe the flood of emotions and guilt that I felt. Even though his doctor wouldn’t admit it, I KNEW what this was.

The pediatric neurologist told us that he didn’t see anything abnormal on the EEG besides some benign spikes. He did, however, tell us that it’s very possible the vaccines caused these “episodes” that he was having. We were sent on our way and told to call if it happened again.

4 weeks went by. He wasn’t his normal, happy, smiley self, but he didn’t have anymore seizures. My once happy boy was so miserable. Oh, how I missed that smile that lit my entire world up.

In the emergency room for his seizures.

We thought that was the end of his vaccine injuries but were we SO wrong.

Colson randomly started having screaming fits. He would scream, bloody murder for hours at a time. We tried baths, massages, bouncing, walking, “ssshhh”, rocking, breastfeeding (which he wouldn’t do). NOTHING helped him.

We took him to an urgent care in the middle of a screaming episode, They sent us on our way and gave us a pamphlet about “fussy babies”. My gut new it was more than that. I know my baby.

We made an appointment for him to be seen at his doctors office. The pediatrician proceeded to tell me that breastfeeding him was making his stomach hurt, and that’s where these episodes were coming from. That it’s wrong to let him use me as a pacifier because that comforts him and it’s a bad habit. She even had the nerve to tell me that vitamin C is useless for sickness 🤔

She tested his poop only to find exactly what we suspected… blood. She immediately sent us to the nearest pediatric hospital. They took x rays and an ultrasound only to find tons and tons of little tiny gas bubbles in his belly. I’m talking thousands. My son was suffering yet another vaccine injury… the rotavirus vaccine ruined my baby’s gut. They told us there was nothing they could do for him besides bicycle kicks and warm baths. They sent us on our way.

I knew better than that. My eyes had been opened at this point. I refused to let my baby suffer ANYMORE 🙅🏻‍♀️

I was sick of being failed by the medical system. I was SICK of doctors refusing to admit that the vaccines caused this, and LYING TO US. I was FED UP of the doctors putting 💰 over my CHILD. I was disgusted.

Three weeks ago we took Colson to the chiropractor for the first time. She explained to us that his body literally went into shock from the vaccines. Which caused his body to stiffen up badly, making it extremely difficult for him to pass gas and poop. Which was causing his pain. FINALLY. Someone who actually admitted that he was suffering from the vaccines and was willing to help him.. help us. He screamed the entire chiropractor appointment because he was in SO. MUCH. PAIN.

But when I say the week following the chiropractor appointment was the best week we’ve ever had, I mean it. I had my fucking baby back! He was smiling, laughing, playing, cuddling, and comfortable. I cried so many happy tears that week.

Colson’s gut is still being healed. He sees a chiropractor once a week and takes a daily probiotic. I am so thankful these events transpired because it truly woke me up to the fucking rabbit hole, and my baby will never be poisoned again.

The week of his first chiropractor appointment.

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