Izabella’s Story

Shared from her father, Samuel Adam Reimer.

My wife and I had started noticing a lot of infants and toddlers passing away and people saying they were from vaccines. We were worried. Didn’t think it would happen to us. We sat in the parking lot before our appointment. Discussed both our opinions on the matter. Neither of us wanted to do it. But I decided on doing it anyways because I didn’t know I could refuse. I sat in the car with my older two kids.

My wife went into the appointment with our Izabella and after about an hour she came out. She wasn’t the same. Not like my other two when they had their shots.

A few days went by and she was absolutely inconsolable. Day in and day out. My wife, Izzy and I were sleep deprived. She was always crying and not her normal self. Overly hungry all the time and my wife couldn’t keep up with breast feeding.

One night all 5 of us had went to bed. My wife, Izzy and I finally got to bed at about 2-4am. I honestly don’t remember the time anymore. I just remember waking up just before 8 am and I had went to move Izabella from the position she was in and I noticed her eyes and lips were purple and skin was overly pale. Her body limp.

I screamed for my wife to wake up when the realization hit. We called 911 and started the resuscitation procedures. To no avail. The ambulance arrived and they continued to do cpr on the way to the hospital over an hour away.

We rushed to the hospital and watched them in the ER trying to bring our dear Izzy back to life. They finally called the TOD at 11am.

We were destroyed. Our worlds fell apart. We miss Izabella Jayde Reimer every day. We had her cremated when we got her back from the Medical examiner for the autopsy. The entire time we were waiting I was pushing the Sheriff investigating for the toxicology report as well as the Coroner and Medical examiner because I knew it had to have been vaccines.

She wasn’t herself since that day. After the funeral we were finally able to get the toxicology report. After the investigation on us was closed. The report itself contained no information that was of any value, and the autopsy report was absolutely gruesome. By then it was to late for a second opinion.

Please research and trust your gut about vaccines. If you get them and your kids are fine, kudos. But many of us have suffered immensely and aren’t so lucky.

10/06/17 – 1/06/18