Chase’s Story – Severe Epilepsy After Vaccination

Shared from his sister, Katja.

“Yesterday my brother Chase passed away slowly and peacefully up at Swedish medical center at the age of 21. Luckily my parents were allowed to be there by his side.

Chase struggled with severe epilepsy among many other health issues likely stemming from a vaccine injury he got in 1999. Before the height of the anti vax movement, before the controversy surrounding it all we knew this vaccine was likely to blame due to its recall.

Anyhoo, my point here isn’t to debate what happened to him but to tell a little bit of his story. Chase spent the next several years of his life in and out of ambulances and hospital rooms, doctors offices and specialist with no clear diagnosis.

Chase’s neurological state deteriorated. When we were younger chase could stand on his own, feed himself and even sign a few words.

At the end of his life Chase couldn’t eat on his own (gtube feedings only) could not stand or sit up on his own, couldn’t sign etc. While he lacked the ability communicate we knew he understood when we were near him or when we would sing or talk to him.

My sister and I learned quickly at a young age how to help our parents detect seizures, call 911 and assist in anyway we could to help him and them. We loved Chase so much but as a parent now, I think often on how extremely hard it was on my parents, my sister and I.

I have such an admiration for parents of special needs children and even siblings of special needs children. I’m thankful for my experience and relationship with Chase and I know he has touched so many lives in his 21 years.

While I’m extremely sad he left us I know he is in a better place and in no more pain. We love him so so much and thank everyone for their love and support they have shown all of us over the years. Xoxo”