Breastfeeding and Covid-19: What You Need To Know

Shared via loveofalittleone.

There’s a lot of confusion around breastfeeding and Covid / Coronavirus so here’s some info:

  • The WHO states breastfeeding not be interrupted even if the breastfeeding person tests positive for COVID.
  • Biofeedback will aid in creating antibodies for babe.
  • Extra precautions can be taken while breastfeeding or bonding with your baby including hand washing and mask wearing.
  • Hospitals may recommend separation if you test positive at the birth, however you can decline.
  • Declining a hospital recommendation often means requesting and signing an AMA (Against Medical Advice)
  • If you sign an AMA, hospitals may use the fear tactic of calling CPS. This risk is greater amongst POC.
  • Having a doula help you navigate signing an AMA can be incredibly beneficial.
  • Immediate separation causes issues with breastfeeding, bonding, and mental health and goes against everything science and instinct tells us to do.
  • If you test positive for COVID, it can depend on how far along you are whether the suggestion of separation makes sense.
  • Only exposed (which you will be the moment you step into a hospital)? It doesn’t make sense to be separated.
  • Needing hospital care yourself like a respirator? Separation may make sense just so you can recover quicker.
  • If you choose separation at any time, continued breastmilk feedings are still recommended.
  • Pumping or using donor milk and offering baby milk in a bottle is considered safe especially if you are practicing good hygiene and properly cleaning your pumping equipment.
  • Correct amount, expectations, and personalized, long term care plans should be discussed with outside lactation support (Nurses/OBs/Peds only have so much time and typically are not lactation experts).

Testing positive does not mean the end of your breastfeeding journey.

You have options.

There is support.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and find reliable information.