Activism Friday: Stop, Drop and Roll in your Reps Office

We can’t wait until they have legislation on their desk to start educating. We need to be proactive. We need to start TODAY.


Visit your Representative today. Write out your vaccine injury story, bring pictures of hospital stays, rashes, video footage of seizures, twitching, or inconsolable crying or trouble breathing. Whatever your story is: It needs to be told.

Find your Representative. Friday’s are their day to be in their district office. The office is fully staffed, you can drop in any time even if your Legislator is not there.

Find a study (or send me a study):

Learn the Risk vaccine schedule flyers:

Vaccine Injury Stories (add your own):

Vaccine Manufacturer Package Inserts:

Vaccine Ingredients:

Don’t be afraid to speak. Remaining silent makes you complicit in this abuse. These injuries are not being reported. We are not being heard. We are actively being silenced and censored. Share your story. Share photos. Share the facts. YOU are the post-marketing experience. Let everyone know there’s a problem.