A Nurse Speaks Up After Her Child Is Injured by MMR Vaccine

Shared with permission.

“Hi everyone! I’m new to this page and to the ex-vax world as my 12-month old daughter just suffered an injury from the MMR. Four days after the injection, she went cross-eyed and developed left sided facial drooping, personality changes, and stumbling. It got worse and we ended up in the ER for an MRI. Fortunately, the result of that was normal. Given her insignificant health history, the neuro team diagnosed her with sixth cranial palsy most likely caused by the MMR vaccine. She has esotropia and we will be seeing the pediatric ophthalmologist today.

As a RN, I’ve always been pressured to be a part of the pro-vaccine world. I now understand that most of those folks turn a blind eye and deaf ear until it happens to their own child or affects them directly. I’m ashamed that as a healthcare professional, I allowed this to happen and didn’t do more research beforehand. I’ll regret this for the rest of my life.

I work with some wonderful mamas who have taught me about detox baths, so we’ve been doing those. As of yesterday, her left eye (the one that has been “stuck”) was moving more midline than it has. My hope and prayer is that when the swelling and inflammation subsides, she will be back to normal. I’ve read some case studies where spontaneous resolution has happened.

If anyone has experienced this or had injury from the MMR, please share. This has been a life changing experience and I now feel like the US government and medical industry are failing us. This also makes me view my career field in a whole new light. Part of my job is to administer flu and Tdap to postpartum mothers, and on occasion, Hep B to newborns. It literally now makes me sick to my stomach.

I recently stumbled upon the podcast “Vaccine Conversations” with Melissa and Dr. Sears. Episode 38 has a guest speaker who had the exact same story as us. My jaw hit the floor. This is so very real and NOT so rare! I feel so guilty for giving these vaccinations to my child. Also, I have reported this to VAERS.”

UPDATE: We received great news at the ophthalmologist! Her eyes are otherwise healthy; just an inflamed nerve that will *hopefully* heal and everything will return to normal. No treatments as of right now. We will have a follow up in another month. The doctor said this is “presumably vaccine related.” Thank you to everyone who has commented and sent their condolences, advice, and prayers!! Much appreciated!