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Sticky Notes - New Normal - (50 sheets)

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Help spread awareness in a gentle and discreet way! These sticky notes will stick to pretty much anything.

This listing is for one pack of sticky notes, which has 50 pages total.

3 x 3 inches

Vaccines are the only medical intervention performed on perfectly healthy infants under the guise of preventing a hypothetical illness. They take a newborn who is in a natural and purposeful anti-inflammatory state, and cause inflammation, unnaturally stimulating the immune system with cytotoxic and neurotoxic adjuvants like aluminum, against as many as eight different diseases at the same time, which would never happen naturally. AND we *haven’t* so much as investigated if this amount of vaccines given so young is safe—and is not associated with any long term non-specific effects—as could *only* be assessed by comparing various degrees of vaccination to a completely unvaccinated control.

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