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Rachelle is the founder and creator of Passionate For Truth, (www.passionatefortruth.com), website and health advocacy community that is dedicated to helping people improve their health by revealing hidden truths to health and healing. Her passion as a researcher and health advocate began with her daughter's vaccine injury in 1999. Her commitment to the recovery of the ensuing seizure activity among other health problems as a result of that vaccine injury has taken her career as a teacher and counselor into a new arena over the past 18 years. It is her heart's desire to reveal the misinformation about health and healing while encouraging others to pursue the truths that allow our bodies to heal naturally. Rachelle is convinced that the same principles that she has discovered to heal seizures can apply to other illnesses as well – everything from allergies to estrogen dominance, migraines to thyroid imbalance. Join Rachelle as she is Passionate for Truth in her quest to help you to 'Improve Your Health, One Truth At A Time'.

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