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We are moms and dads. We just changed a disgusting diaper (why do the wipes always stick together??), we made a lunch that no one ate, and toys are covering every square inch of our house.

We may be exhausted, but we love our kids. We love them so much that we research the food they eat, the types of plastic that’s in their sippy cups, and yea, we might have some questions about the safety of injecting aluminum hydroxide and drinking fluoride. I mean, WHO WOULDN’T?

We want the very best for our little ones, every person on the planet, and what the heck, our planet too.

Nothing gets grandfathered in anymore. When the planet is heating up in an unprecedented manner, when kids are killing kids, and all the people have heart disease, cancer, dementia, autism, food allergies and prescription drug addictions–it’s clear no one knows, or is considering, the collective consequences of our decisions.

The information on this website is user submitted content. It is not limited to one person’s opinion, but a variety of perspectives. Through the back and forth of conversation and debate, it is our¬†goal we can reach a deeper understanding and a greater awareness of those issues and challenges that we may confront on our paths.

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Circle of Mamas makes zero dollars. It actually costs money, so it makes negative money. But that’s ok, we aren’t doing this for the money, we are doing this because this is the right thing to do. This is what needs to be done. If it takes months and years to get this message across, so be it.

If you would like to donate money to this effort to help offset any costs that occur, like website domain and hosting, purchasing scholarly articles or even a cup of coffee, please do.