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MMR Vaccine Reactions

As a mom, I get it. No one wants their kids to get sick ever. Like EVER. But what if everything we think we know about vaccines and...

Vaccines and Seizures

You might hear a doctor say that a seizure is normal. "Some kids just have seizures". But technically, a seizure is abnormal electrical activity in the brain. It's ANYTHING but normal. Seizures,...

Landen’s Story

Shared with permission from Landen's mother. My son Landen Steffen was born in a hospital in January 2009. He was born a healthy 8 lbs. boy through normal birth...

Kia’s Story: Sudden Death 6 Days After 2-Month Shots

Shared with permission from his mother, Raja-Nee Keys. Zedikiah was born 09/27/2018. Minus a lot of pregnancy complications for me, he was perfectly healthy. 5lbs, 15.5 oz, 18 inches long....

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