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The Science Is Unsettling: John Snow

In 1854, a cholera outbreak erupted in the Soho area of London. At the time, it was believed that cholera was spread by ‘miasma’...

Meningitis Vaccine Causes Fatal Seizure: Haleigh’s Story

Shared from her mother, Rishanne Golden. "We only hope to honor and love Haleigh from this world by helping others learn what we did not...

The Science is Unsettling: Anaphylaxis

Literally meaning “without protection”, anaphylaxis was coined by Charles Richet in 1902, who later won the Nobel Prize for his discovery. Richet and professor Paul Jones...

DTaP Vaccine: A Geeky Overview

The DTaP is a vaccine that contains toxoids and some antigens adsorbed onto aluminum adjuvants to stimulate antibodies against Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis. The DTaP...

Austin’s Story

Shared from his father, LaTjah Emory. “I lost my 15 month old son April 7th 2019, 1 week after his 15 month old shots. Crib...

The Science is Unsettling: What About Polio?

Polio is a viral illness that in 95% of cases is completely asymptomatic, meaning it produces no symptoms. In 1% of cases the virus...

6 Documentaries on Aluminum Toxicity

Aluminum has found its way into our drinking water, infant formula, antacid medications, vaccines, pediatric and neonatal parenteral nutritional solutions, cookware, processed foods including...

Malcolm’s Story: Sudden Death 7 Hours After First Immunizations

Shared from his mother: @rebeldablju "1 year ago You left me My Beautiful Baby Son. I'm so so sorry I went for this injections, I'm so...