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Violet’s Story

Violet Lorraine Kiest died 48 Hours after her 4-month shots. Violet brought her parents and two-year old sister so much joy. At about four months...

Corbyn’s Story

Shared from his mother, Krystle Cordingley. Krystle found her son Corbyn dead in his bed 14 hours after a flu vaccination. "I'm broken. I am not...

Reid’s Story

Reid Thomas Englehart was two months old when his father Dusty took him in for his shots. He was given the DTaP, Hib, polio,...

Annabelle’s Story

Annabelle Lee died 10 hours after receiving the MMR, DTaP, varicella and half of a Flu shot. She was 15 months old. Her mother took...

Nickson’s Story

Shared from his mother, Lindsey Pelton. "Nickson Pelton was born two months premature. At his two month checkup Nickson’s pediatrician gave him eight vaccines, the 5-in-1 combo...

Izzy’s Story

My daughter’s reaction to the DTaP vaccine. Shared by her mother, Edwina Olesen. "Izzy was born a healthy beautiful little girl who was always happy...

Would You Consent?

Would you consent to vaccines, if you knew that the entire vaccine schedule has never been studied together? Would you consent to vaccines, if you...

Baby Gracie’s Story

Shared from her mother, Nichol Willow. Four days after Gracie received her two month shots – DTaP, HIB, IPV, Hep B and PCV – she died of cardiopulmonary...