The following are taken from a VAERS search March 2017-March 2018 for the Tdap vaccine during pregnancy:

“I was given the TDAP vaccine while pregnant and immediately felt sick to my stomach. That day I developed a low fever, chills, shaking, vomiting (once), body aches and pains, and nausea. This lasted for 72 hours. I missed work for 4 days and no medicated would sooth the symptoms. Doctor’s told me it was “”coincidence”” despite my symptoms being labeled as possible side effects for about 1/100 people! I was not given informed consent.” (690716-1)

“4 days after receiving the Tdap vaccination I began having pre-term contractions (28 weeks gestation). I was sent to the hospital at 5pm where I received medication to stop contractions and was sent home later that evening. The following morning around 6am the contractions started again and I went to the hospital where doctors were again able to control and cease contractions with medication. I was prescribed Nifedipine, taken orally every 4 hours to further control my contractions, which I was experiencing daily. I took Nifedipine from 28 weeks to 37 weeks gestation in order to control contractions and delay delivery of the baby. Up until the Tdap vaccination, my pregnancy was healthy and without complications. My actual delivery was a 8 lb. 15 oz. baby. This was my first pregnancy.”(720912-1)

“I was vaccinated at 27 weeks pregnant. I could not fully lift my arm again for 15 months because there was severe pain when I tried to lift my arm above my head. There is still pain in my arm three years later. My unborn child did not move for three weeks after I was vaccinated. He is now 2.5 years old and he is developmentally delayed and showing signs of autism.” (691390-1)

“I had an uncomplicated, healthy pregnancy prior to being vaccinated at 36 weeks along. My due date was 4/1/2015 but I was induced on 3/18/2015 due to gestational hypertension and pre-eclampia. My son was born on 3/19/2015 weighing only 5lbs 8oz. I was given terbutaline prior to delivery and my son had hypoglycemia. Initial glucose was 55 but repeat glucose around 4 hours of life was 26. He was symptomatic with jitteriness, thus he was given formula and transferred to the Intermediate Special Care Nursery for further management. In the ISCN he did require a tube feeding. He also had jaundice past the mid chest. I was never able to breastfeed again after him being in the ISCN. He has been sick since the day he was born (allergies, ear infections, cough, respiratory issues) and also delayed.” (727841-1)

“Pt G3P2 at 28.5 weeks with EDD of 12/22/17. Went to OB office on 10/3/17 for routine OB apt at 28.4 weeks. Pt was feeling well, feeling fetal movement, pt’s fingerstick blood sugar was 138, Tdap was given per routine office policy. Later that evening, pt began to feel achy and had a low-grade fever of 99 degrees. Pt called MD at approx. 0230 on 10/4/17 to report possible spontaneous rupture of membranes. MD told her it was most likely not her water and to note if it kept coming out. Pt came to triage at hospital at approximately 0830 after feeling certain her water had broken and starting to be in some pain. AmniSure was positive and foul smell noted. Pt was 3cm at this time with no fetal heart tones found. Pt delivered fetal demise 10/4/17 at 1043 am. Baby weighed 1480g, or 3lbs. 4oz.” (716402-1)

“We had a healthy and normal pregnancy up until this vaccine was administered at 34 weeks. We experienced fetal demise and endured the stillbirth of our son shortly after receiving it. 3lb 2.6oz and 18″” long at birth.” (728995-1)

“19 days after I got the vaccine my baby passed away in my womb. I delivered her the next evening at 3lbs 11 oz . I have MTHFR gene as well. I am not sure the vaccine caused her death but wanted to provide this information. I also have an 8 year old son with one kidney I received the vaccine as well. (Don’t believe vaccine caused kidney).” (703658-1)

“I was pregnant and received the Tdap vaccine on 10/24. On 10/29 my daughter was stillborn.”(684510-1)

“Had a perfect pregnancy until this point; no nausea, had energy, had not fallen ill once or had any complications. I was healthy and well pre-pregnancy as well. Within a week of these vaccinations, I broke out into an upper-body rash, developed a horrid cold, lost a lot of my mental clarity and was constantly fatigued for weeks. I only began experiencing healing/reversal of these symptoms when I finished breastfeeding (after the birth of my baby, obviously) and began detoxing. Even so, my immune system has been significantly weaker and I went from being a healthy woman who became sick about once a year, on average, to being a woman who almost always is dealing with some sort of ailment. I had a VERY minor form of Tourette Syndrome – after the shots, I went from perhaps 1-2 tics an hour to having one about every other minute. The increase in severity was frighteningly drastic. My doctor has since said that it is more than likely a reaction to the aluminum in the shots.” (724986-1)

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